FC Heidenheim 1846 Vs FC Koln Tickets

Sat, May 18, 2024


Voith-Arena, Heidenheim


Voith-Arena, Heidenheim, Germany Seating Plan
Voith-Arena, Heidenheim, Germany
Voith-Arena is associated with football and is primarily known as the home stadium of the German football club FC Heidenheim 1846. Located in Heidenheim an der Brenz, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany, the stadium has been the venue for the club's home matches since its inauguration. Stadiums like Voith-Arena play a crucial role in fostering community spirit and providing a platform for the passionate fan base to support their local team. The atmosphere within the arena, especially during key matches, contributes to the overall excitement of the football experience. The naming rights associated with sponsors like Voith often play a significant role in the financial support and development of sports facilities.
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