Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ’s: works with a small network of ticket specialists to ensure reliable service. Provides a secure online marketplace only and is not the seller of, and does not take responsibility for, any tickets sold through the online marketplace. We do however offer you a 150% money-back guarantee: In the highly unlikely case you do not receive tickets for the seats you ordered in time for the match, we will refund 100% of your money back, plus we will offer you a credit worth 50% of your original purchase towards another match.

How to book football tickets?

If you already decided and want to attend a UK football match and now you want to purchase football tickets. We can help everyone worldwide without a season ticket to go and enjoy their favorite team live in the top football stadiums. Just Go Through our website to search for the fixtures and match day seats at all prices in various parts of the stadiums and follow these steps:

·       Select the match you want to attend

·       Select the ticket category you want to book

·       Select the number of tickets you need to book and click on buy

·       Fill in the required details and click "make payment"

Finally, after completing these steps, we will do a credit card check against your payment, when everything is fine we will confirm your order and send the same to the ticket seller.

Why do prices vary?

Tickets availability and their prices are set according to the market demand; they are not determined by All the tickets are listed and prices are managed by permitted ticket experts. Each ticket expert contests with others to deliver you a large collection of tickets. Face value refers to the price printed on the ticket or the purchase price in the primary market. The face value can vary from the selling price of a ticket because the tickets listed on are sold by a third party at "market value". If the event is in high demand, the selling price can be much higher than the face value of the tickets.

Are tickets guaranteed? works with a small network of ticket experts to make sure consistent service. provides a secure online platform only and is not the seller of, and does not take any responsibility for, any tickets sold by the online platform. We do still offer you a 150% money-back guarantee: In the extremely unlikely case you do not receive tickets for the seats you booked in time for the match, we will do a full refund against your money.

Are tickets for home/away supporters?

All listed tickets for an event are for the home team enclosures unless otherwise specially stated. Therefore, if tickets are solely listed as "Behind the Goal" or "long side" then they will be for home team fans. Sometimes, the seller can also bid tickets for the visiting team part, but the tickets will be defined as such, like Arsenal v Liverpool - the tickets for the visiting team will be defined as "Visitors Section" or "Away Seats". reserves the right to cancel any booking if there is an indication that the buyer is an away team admirer when purchasing tickets allotted for home team supports only.

Please note, the above conditions do not apply to games that are played at a Neutral Venue? Such as Champions League Final, Europa League Final, or World Cup events. In such cases, the sellers normally state to which end their ticket allocations fit. If there is no hint, seats con be assigned at either end of the ground.

Are tickets sat together?

Tickets are supplied and assigned in maximum groupings of 4 together. The seller can give surety that no one will sit alone, so if you buy 3 or fewer tickets, these will always be together. If you purchase 4 or more tickets, the seller can try to get them all together, but they can be split into groupings of 2+2, 2+3, or 4+2, etc. If the customer needs all tickets together, he can contact our customer service helpline and our call representative will assist to find the required tickets.

What is the exact seat location of the listed tickets?

The exact location of seats most of the time cannot be revealed at the time of booking as ticket enclosures are not confirmed to the ticket providers. That’s why you may only find generic explanations of seat locations. You can assume that the seat location may be the worst assigned within a general description, few of the listings have more information regarding the distributions, but the price can be higher for that. If you are unsure about the enclosure of the seats based on the descriptions, you can see the venue maps or contact our customer service team for further assistance.
The seller reserves the right to upgrade the customer’s seats if the seat they order becomes unavailable. Tickets can however never be relegated without the approval of the buyer or at an agreed concession. The grading of seats cheaper one to best are as follows: Shortside Upper, Shortside Lower, Longside Upper, Longside Lower, VIP Category, and Hospitality categories.

When will I receive my tickets?

For football events, tickets are usually released by the clubs only the week before the match. Ticket providers get all the tickets dispatched as soon as possible, and buyers are informed via email when they are sent to them.

Deliveries also rely on the format of tickets. These can either be physical tickets or in most cases, tickets released in an electronic form and with QR codes. Most of the time these days ticket presentations are either PDF files/ Mobile Tickets.


PDF tickets are normally sent out between 24-48 hours prior to the event for our customers to print at home at their own ease.

Mobile Tickets are also normally transferred 24-48 hours before the match, according to the club liable to release them. Customers may require to download an application in order to receive them to present and stadium entry points. In all cases, exact directions are always emailed to the buyers as per their ticket selections.


Ticket providers/ suppliers try to dispatch all tickets 3-5 days prior to the event and you are directed by email when they are sent. After receiving confirmation of dispatch, you can assume delivery of the tickets the following day for the UK, or for international deliveries, it can take1-3 days. In some cases tickets can be provided on the day of the event or the seller will ask you to collect the tickets nearby. If you are afraid that this will not give you sufficient time to reach the event, please contact us so we can arrange an alternate delivery method. If you are traveling from overseas to see a football match or any other event, we encourage you to share a local delivery address or hotel address nearby in Match City.

How are tickets delivered?


PDF files are the most expedient form of tickets. These tickets are delivered electronically either via email or through a devoted application and you can expect to receive them directly after they are sent to you. Usually, 24-48 hours prior to the match.

In all cases, exact directions are always emailed to the buyers as per their ticket selections. We also make sure that customers received their tickets within decided time periods.


We always use secure delivery methods to send tickets depending on your location. If the tickets are sent within the UK, they will be posted via any Next Day Delivery Method / Hand Delivery or by Private Courier and will require a receiving. Delivery time duration depends on the delivery method chosen at purchase. If they are being supplied to your hotel in Italy / Spain / Germany / Netherlands or Portugal the sellers may use courier companies or any other private well-known companies.

Customers are advised to provide a secure address to make sure someone is available to sign for the receiving letter. If you are staying in a hotel you can allow anyone at the hotel to accept the delivery on your behalf. If no one is available to confirm the delivery, your postman will leave a "while you were out card" and you will be able to collect your envelope from your local Organizing Office. The sorting office address will be mentioned on the back of the card. If you have not received a card or you have not been given a tracking number, please contact us as soon as possible through our 24/7 Helpline number. For international bookings, tickets may be sent via FedEx, DHL, UPS, or any other International Courier Service. These courier companies provide online tracking to confirm fast and safe deliveries.

Can I change my delivery address?

Customers can contact our customer service team through our 24/7 helpline or by email to update their delivery address. Please have your Order Reference Number in hand so we can find your order. If there will be any change in shipping costs by changing the delivery address you will be charged or refunded that amount.

Why have I been asked to provide Proof of Billing Address?

Due to the increasing number of fraudulent debit/credit cards, you may be requested to provide written evidence to verify the correct details match to the billing address of the credit card. We keep your personal information safe and secure conferring to our Privacy Policy. Failure to send documents proofs by the time limit will result in your order cancellation.

Can I cancel my tickets once purchased? does not have an exchange, refund, or cancellation policy unless the event is canceled completely and not postponed. If an event is postponed and you are not able to appear, we cannot offer any refunds. This is also stated in our Terms and Conditions. We do however offer you the prospect to resell your tickets on our website to recover any lost payments.